Private Letter to President Trump, cc: Trey Gowdy etc.

I am having difficulty getting this to show up under the protected version even though I know how to do this… and I do not know why it will not publish. Please contact me at the email address I sent you and I can send you the rest. Still trying to work this out.



James Achilles Alefantis’s Great Grandparent was Evelyn Achille de Rothschild (1886-1917) ? (pizzagate) DELETED THREAD

Reposting this extremely important thread that was removed from Voat. I did not write this.

So what we dont know is who Louis George Alefantis’s Parents were and if Helen Rappas father and mother is correct.

The user @CaroleLandis did a drive by a few months ago here and here and left this information and made a few mistakes and left out some info such as James Alefantis’s Brother Louis John Alefantis AKA L.J. AlefantisJPG.

Marie Achille de Rothschild – mother of Evelyn Achille de Rothschild

How James Achilles Alefantis’s family tree would look;

Now we dont know if the info has been fudged with to hide some other things since two JPG to three JPG (((guys)))JPG decided to mess with that info JPG 2 weeks after pizzagate broke.

Evelyn Achille De Rothschild could have had a son around 1915

View the Rothschild Genealogy;,12

Evelyn Achille de Rothschild

Son of Leopold and Marie de Rothschild of Ascott, Wing, Bucks.

What if that is why James Alefantis named his restaurant “BUCKS Fishing and Camping”?

He previously took his family name “Strand” for his art museum “Strand on Volta”

James Achilles Alefantis would be cousins with David Mayer de Rothschild who is son of Lynn Forester de Rothschild.



Sessions now has all the COMEY files 1) on the CLINTON email investigation, 2) on WEINER, 3) and 9/11 files Comey did not turn over to Justice central files ETC”

Jerome Corsi tweeted this morning that AG “Sessions now has all the COMEY files 1) on the CLINTON email investigation, 2) on WEINER, 3) and 9/11 files Comey did not turn over to Justice central files ETC”

If we back up a bit, we can see the timeline on Jerome Corsi’s Twitter page. Last night Jerome tweeted that “Comey was fired while in Las Vegas SO HE COULD NOT CLEAN OUT HIS OFFICE.”

Jerome tweeted this morning that “COMEY furious at HOW he was FIRED. Trump made sure COMEY could not CLEAN OUT HIS DESK. Sessions has Clinton files.”

This dovetails very neatly with the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing yesterday when Senator Kamala Harris anxiously inquired of interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe whether Comey’s files and devices had been secured:





Notice that nothing McCabe says contradicts Corsi’s report.

Of course, this is related to pizzagate because the files that are now allegedly in AG Sesssions’ possession are thought to contain, among other things, a great deal of incriminating evidence on Anthony Weiner’s pedophile connections and possibly, in the “Insurance” file, videos of politicians in compromising situations on Epstein’s Island.

ADDENDUM: For anyone who is legitimately skeptical that Comey kept such tremendously valuable files in his office, consider this April, 2017, article claiming that Comey kept the 9/11 Meese Commission Records in his office and out of the FBI’s Central Records System.

What Andrew Breitbart Knew – Planned Parenthood Major Player In the Web of Pizzagate (Women’s March)


[–] Jem777 7 points (+7|-0) 27 days ago

Reading all of those puts his courage even more in perspective. Also why they fiercely attacked the Brietbart News with labels. They are terrified. Can one imagine what he passed along to others. There is a reason Bannon became Editor and now the Clinton Cash author is now editor. Also why Flynn pulled out all stops. He knows. The best evidence yet is information that when Flynn was named as NSC people were sick to their stomachs in Obamaland most pointedly Podesta.

The truth has been passed and it is ugly.

[–] ProudTruther 3 points (+3|-0) 27 days ago

I think planned parenthood delivers some of these babies to the people alive. Let’s face it these sick fucks really like to sacrifice some babies.

[–] exposethecriminals 3 points (+3|-0) 27 days ago

I had never thought of that. I agree, I think they deliver some babies alive to pedophiles, or for rituals, too.

[–] dipedo57 2 points (+2|-0) 26 days ago

I have been thinking that for a while we know babies are born alive and they are told to kill them why not let Skippy do it for them

[–] cult_of_philanthropy 3 points (+3|-0) 27 days ago

This is the “fuck you, JP” video

Who is the the other journalist? I don’t understand why they play games with the information. Especially when AB knew kids were being harmed. He knew they were going to kill him. Who has all his documentation, Bannon? It sure makes sense now as to why President Trump made Bannon a special advisor.

Go get ’em!!! and FUCK YOU JOHN PODESTA!!!!

[–] Dressage2 1 points (+1|-0) 27 days ago

I love that video. I don’t know which is my favorite video. This one or the one where he outs Weiner in his press conference. Both are classics.

[–] cult_of_philanthropy 3 points (+3|-0) 27 days ago  (edited 27 days ago)

@Dressage 2…I know what you mean. Another fav is the one in which he confronts the protesters forcing them to actually form a critical thought and they all say…abda abda abda. Then the at the end the organizer yells…”he’s gay”. Then he nails her for too. Brilliant…I so wish he were still alive today. Why the hell didn’t he protect himself?

Edit: nails her for that too.

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 26 days ago

I need to see this one! Haven’t yet. (Weiner – have a link by chance?)

1 reply

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 27 days ago

needs to be a bumper sticker

[–] cult_of_philanthropy 0 points (+0|-0) 27 days ago


[–] Vindicator 3 points (+3|-0) 27 days ago

My favorite:

AndrewBreitbartVerified account ‏@AndrewBreitbart 2 Feb 2011

Hey lefties, good luck going undercover into right wing orgs or corps posing as pimps looking for help with underage sex slave operations!

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 1 points (+1|-0) 27 days ago

hilariously sad, sadly hilarious

[–] AngB23 2 points (+2|-0) 26 days ago

I’m kinda dumbfounded I’ve said for 6 months we need to find out what Andrew knew yet I never went back to read his tweets. This is awesome info. So many people to investigate. And you KNOW PP knows about sex slaves, there’s YT vids with people recording this.

I’m sure lots of sex slaves get pregnant and that’s not a money maker for the pimps. I’m sure they bring these girls in for abortions and I don’t even want think how young some maybe. And if the girls are trafficked in and can’t speak English, who is going to help them? How can they speak out about what’s happening?

And I know Pharma claims they don’t use aborted fetuses in vaccines anymore but I don’t believe them. There is human tissue in vaccines. It’s like this huge cesspool of filth between the pimps, PP, Pharma, CP, human trafficking…. Makes me sick

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 26 days ago

Apparently they don’t always mind if they get pregnant because they keep the younger ones around for sex or organs in the future and as leverage against their young mothers or they use them in human sacrifice rituals or conduct rituals inside PP clinics as the babies are being aborted. Whatever floats their boats

[–] AngB23 1 points (+1|-0) 26 days ago

So makes you wonder…do the abortion doctors also do births of some? This whole thing is so disgusting to me. And we all know MANY politicians are fully aware of this and why they protect PP so much.

Also saw this tweet re: Ex PP Amy Woodruff (mentioned in tweets) Album

[–] exposethecriminals 2 points (+2|-0) 27 days ago  (edited 27 days ago)

I didn’t know about the Planned Parenthood tweets, what a great post. That probably is why they killed him as Dressage2 commented. Yesterday it caught my eye that the Houston child sex slave warehouse “The Hideaway” is very close to not just any Planned Parenthood, but a PP that conducts abortions at five months and later. (

I wonder if “late term abortion” clinics and warehouses full of sex slaves are commonly in the same areas.

This article states 162 of the U.S.’s 511 abortion clinics do post-five month abortions. And that five clinics do abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy. They are:

• Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico

• Pro-Choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California

• Boulder Abortion Clinic in Boulder, Colorado

• Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, Maryland

• Women’s Med Center in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton

Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson opinion piece:

I Used To Work For Planned Parenthood. Yes, Late-Term Abortions Happened Regularly.

[…] a late-term abortion can be provided for any reason, as long as the abortionist checks a box on her chart stating it was affecting her “life or health.” No documentation of proof is required. or

So warehouses are probably used as farms, as well as concentration camps for the girls, and boys, when they’re not being secreted out to events, motels, etc.

[–] AngB23 0 points (+0|-0) 26 days ago

There’s another vid I saw of a former PP higher up. It was a bit older and she was too and she talked “matter of fact”, not a lot of emotion but it was powerful. She talked about monthly quotas, late term abortions, using unsterile equipment and a girl died bcuz the doctor basically pulled out her uterus or something like that. It was horrific.

Of course, I can’t find the video anymore.

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 2 points (+2|-0) 27 days ago  (edited 27 days ago)

There are tons of names in here that deserve investigation. Everyone needs to go check out those twitter handles, if you haven’t already. See if you can find anything. This is all coming together. Every major piece of Trump’s agenda that is getting major backlash would address one aspect of this or another, from the wall, to the travel ban, to defunding Planned Parenthood overseas and at home, to prosecuting pedos and who is on his cabinet and the Supreme Court. I hope Bannon knows every little thing Breitbart knew, and I’m guessing based on their “Remembering Andrew Breitbart” article last fall that he does.

[–] sugarskull 1 points (+1|-0) 26 days ago

Wicked new setup BTW voat builders!! Love this too…never knew he said so much about sex slaves he surely knew SOMETHING BIG. Big enough to get heart attacked!

[–] cult_of_philanthropy 1 points (+1|-0) 27 days ago

Also, YT has deleted the Andrew Brietbart Archives Channel. I watched a lot of his videos from that channel. I loved every one of them too. Now I have to go YT search to find his videos. At least they’re still there, for now.

[–] Dressage2 1 points (+1|-0) 27 days ago

This is amazing how many tweets there were regarding this. I had only seen the one calling out Podesta. No wonder they killed him. He would have exposed their billion sex industry from child trafficking, selling fetuses to selling organs. Thank god Brietbart can stop rolling over in his grave because it will finally all come out and Podesta will be in the net. Of course, that is if the illegal Russia biz doesn’t get him first.

[–] PizzaGateTwiceRetard 0 points (+1|-1) 26 days ago

How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.

How many times does it have to be pointed out that Breitbart was talking about Podesta’s hand in the ACORN fiasco?

I swear, you guys keep regurgitating things that have been addressed until people stop bothering to correct you and then you echo-chamber them into “fact”.

[–] AngB23 0 points (+0|-0) 26 days ago

Hmmm, Breitbart was a pretty OUT spoken, straight shooter kind of guy. He mentions Acorn ONCE, yet Podesta and MMFA multiple times. As well, as we know now PP. Nice try on the diversion, we will keeping digging

[–] PizzaGateIsRetarded 0 points (+0|-0) 26 days ago

Right, because it’s impossible for Breitbart to have disliked Podesta based on ideology.

Sorry, but this isn’t proof that Breitbart “knew” what Pizzagate only suspects. That’s the bottom line here.

Keep digging all you want, you’re just going to crack open a sewer line and flood the place with shit.

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 26 days ago

How many times do you have to see what was involved in that before you connect the two in your mind? Think harder. It just clicked for me completely yesterday. Do you not understand what Planned Parenthood does? Do you not understand what a pimp is?

[–] PizzaGateIsRetarded -1 points (+0|-1) 26 days ago

How many times do you have to see what was involved in that before you connect the two in your mind?

What, you mean use my imagination? Sorry, I like to stick to the facts.

[–] PizzagateBot 0 points (+0|-0) 27 days ago

Another Post deleted by Millenial Falcon

OK here goes:


Mark all as read

v/pizzagate (Millennial_Falcon) > Shillary | Sent: 10 seconds ago on 4/26/2017 10:58:38 PM
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Reason given: @Shillary: Rule 1.

Original Submission

I wonder if this happens a lot to mental patients or if they end up being used for sex

I’ve talked to several people who were mental patients who actually got raped or molested by staff in the psych ward (Maryanne Godboldo’s daughter was stolen by CPS, put in a psych ward, forced onto antipsychotics at 11 years of age and then raped and contracted an STD). I am wondering how many of the rapists and sickos there are working in state hospitals or psych wards for children. It is much easier to rape someone on drugs so it probably happens a lot.

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[–] Plague1 2 points (+2|-0) 1 hour ago

No one believes crazy people when they try to report it. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being crazy

[–] FE_Rebekah 0 points (+0|-0) 40 minutes ago

I wish they would let me talk to patients and just tell them I believe them.. They need to be heard and believed before the healing can start..

[–] 2impendingdoom 0 points (+0|-0) 25 minutes ago

All they have to do is diagnose them as delusional, of course, delusional isn’t really grounds for being held in a psych ward but I doubt any judge cares about that.

[–] janedoemadashell 1 points (+1|-0) 1 hour ago

As someone who has worked in mental health for decades (God, that hurt to say!lol), I don’t believe that there is a higher rate of patient abuse in mental vs physical hospital settings, it’s just basically wherever the sick fucking abusers can get themselves into.

[–] jstrotha0975 1 points (+1|-0) 1.3 hours ago

I used to be a mechanic in NJ and the guy that would deliver tires to us molested a 13 year old retarded girl. We used to call him Chester.

[–] Littleredcorvette 1 points (+2|-1) 1.5 hours ago

The CDC is supposed to track stds. Can data requests be made for some aggregate data?

Request information such as age, home situation (I.e. Foster care, medical facility, parent, youth services or detention), location, city or county name. And whatever else, such as whether any further action was taken, such as notification of partner, reports of abuse as required by law, that sort of thing.

If anyone has the capability and skill set to do this type of research, please undertake this idea.

I haven’t checked the CDC site. It might be a place to start. 🏎

[–] Shillary [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 1 microcentury ago

Also this does go along with the FOIA project posted a while back.

[–] Shillary [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 53 minutes ago

That is kind of a scary thought. I wonder if the CDC collects this information from Planned Parenthood on the underage sex slaves.

[–] Jem777 0 points (+0|-0) 28 minutes ago

No one wants to think about this but this happens. Many people are not “crazy” and would caution anyone against that label. Think about the fact that Jimmy Seville the horrid pedophile in the U.K. Involvedin 30 years of child rape accessed children and patients inside hospitals. He was also was involved in sexual acts with deceased patients in morgues.

Operation Paperclip brought the Nazi psychiatrists over to the US and placed them inside mental hospitals. These are the darkest truths no one wants to talk about.

Most children who have had extreme trauma will grow up and be given a psychiatric diagnosis. Think of how many people have dismissed these children throughout history. If they survive they are often fragmented in some way. This is often displayed as self-harm, suicidality, paranoia, flashbacks, nightmares, etc. This is often misdiagnosed and they are placed on massive medications and hospitals repeatedly.

It is a never ending cycle. Just caution everyone. Please hesitate before labeling someone as crazy they might be a trauma victim. Think of that child in the fatherhood video growing up and never getting any help. Then being locked inside a hospital.

[–] PubMaster 0 points (+0|-0) 49 minutes ago  (edited 48 minutes ago)

The link below is for the CDC 2015 Surveillance Report. They don’t really have much on children under the age of 10. The report does break down quite a bit of information, I’m surprised by the lack of information on not only that group, but how the report seems to disregard the 11 to 14 year old group by lumping them into the the 19 year old and below statistics. I have yet to see any information that would say if there is an increase or decrease in those groups. I personally find that interesting on it’s own. And on any charts at the end of the report there are no numbers given under the age of 15.

Illuminati / Occult Predictive Programming References in TV shows – Emerald City and Southpark (post deleted from Voat by Millenial Falcon)


[–] cakeoflightylight 0 points (+0|-0) 1 second ago

This post was deleted for rule 2 – 2 EVERY claim that is made as part of your post needs to be sourced. If you are asking a question, give a brief summary of what led to your question, and provide sources for those elements. If you are giving an explanation of how your content relates to Pizzagate (satisfying Rule 1), and you need to connect a few dots to do so, please provide sources for your “dots”. If you wish to ask general questions about Pizzagate, please do so here.

FYI people who are commenting, I’m not going to waste my time replying to your accusations that I am a shill of some sort. I am simply going to post this to my blog and share the link on this forum. You can comment on that or on my blog. Have a nice day.

[–] carmencita 1 points (+1|-0) 4 hours ago

You just stirred a memory. Last year while watching the news they had the last surviving lilliputian on. At the end of the interview he/she (I can’t remember) said that they played tricks on Judy Garland (at the time a teen) and would put their hands under her skirt while they were all dancing and twirling around and she would never know who it was evidently. I thought that was really pretty nasty. After it was over, he said something about abusing her. I was really surprised. I think that was just the impression of the news caster. I was glad he put it that way. Someone else might have just laughed it off or ignored it.

[–] PizzagateBot 1 points (+1|-0) 4 hours ago  (edited 4 hours ago)

The owner is wearing a giant mask for a head and it is a guy with his mouth whistling and his cheeks puffed up and he looks like he is giving a blow job.

I think you are stretching it calling those things ‘references to child porn’. There are dozens of other provocative things in south park which could be used for your argument, there is even an episode that ends with cartman jerking off while taking a dump on the toilet while he imagines a cupid version of himself is sodomizing him, even then I still wouldn’t go as far to say its ‘references to child porn’ or related to ‘normalization of child porn’. They have been touching on taboo things for over a decade and get threatened with lawsuits.

They even have an episode exposing scientology as a child molesting mind control cult.

Could it be controlled opposition? Sure, it is the realm of hollywood so anything is possible, but I am skeptical based on your example.

Emerald City sounds jucier at first glance, can you provide some clips as references?

And where are you getting this part from?

Lilith gives birth to 1000 babies a day allegedly and she is Satan’s girlfriend and she is the mother of The Baphomet. Lilith is the demon who demands genital mutilation of babies or else she will kill them. She is also the original wife of Adam, who refused to be submissive to him which is why she and Satan get along well. Lilith is one of the most evil characters ever and she is synonymous with all of the Pagan goddesses. Ishtar / Semiramis / Isis / Astarte / Ostara.)

Are you basing that off Emerald City or legends of lilith like Because it seems like this is propaganda, I mean come on “refused to be submissive” which is why “she and Satan get along well”.

It sounds very misogynistic…

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 4 hours ago

Please PM me about Scientology

[–] PizzagateBot 1 points (+1|-0) 4 hours ago

The episode Return of Chef involves Chef being taken by a cult, being brain washed, and he returns back to south park only talking about molesting children.

The controversy is related to Issac Hayes, voice of Chef, who is a scientologist and supposedly left the show because of their criticism of scientology and its members like Tom Cruise.

South Park created Return Of Chef using clips of his voice since he had already left the show.

They make reference to scientology as the “super adventure club” which goes around the world molesting children and they mention its because they believe they absorb a childs energy/mantra from it. The founder of the club they mention is a satire of L Ron Hubbard.

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 4 hours ago

Much has been written about Lilith who is the mother of Baphomet. Here’s one link about her. There are many many others. I’m not sure where I read about the 1000 babies a day – meeting in 3 minutes, so I’ll respond later.

[–] dougG 0 points (+0|-0) 1.8 hours ago

Watch out everyone, you don’t want to get brainwashed by South Park. Now, what would be there ultimate goal with these innuendos????? Do you actually think it could change sometimes ones mind into sympathizing with Pizzagate behavior. Cake of flighty light, I am truly convinced that you have a sick and perverted mind. First it was seeing a perfectly innocent girl posing on the cover of NatGeo as being sexually inviting, now you think Whistling Willy cheeks are all puffed up like he’s giving a blowjob, what! They are puffed up BC he’s fucking whistling! Only a sexually dimented mind would infer that, either that or you are just the fun police, trying to add a hidden underlying negative meaning to EVERYTHING!

[–] HappyValentinesDay 0 points (+0|-0) 3 hours ago

Are you serious right now? Nothing you said about South Park would qualify as predictive programming, or even as being “weird.” I would be kinder if I didn’t expect that you are being paid to come on here and make non-sense posts. A guy with a pyramid hat.. really? Try harder next time. If you are being serious. shift your attention to things that actually matter and are important.

[–] dougG 0 points (+0|-0) 1.7 hours ago

Thank you, she has a long history of these shit posts to the point of being suspicious.

[–] HappyValentinesDay 0 points (+0|-0) 1.3 hours ago

It wouldn’t surprise me. A tactic of theirs may be to get pizzagate believers to start mindlessly searching for illumanati signals on television. Not only would that distract anyone who fell for it, but the group itself could be labeled negatively for supporting such behavior. I’m not saying those things don’t exist, but they are irrelevant to this group and the examples given in the OP are so staggeringly insignificant, I can’t help but think it’s Sponsored Content.

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Fatherhood video of John Podesta Must Be For Real – How do I know? Troll army tactic: posting links to child porn, intimidation


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