Illuminati / Occult Predictive Programming References in TV shows – Emerald City and Southpark (post deleted from Voat by Millenial Falcon)


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This post was deleted for rule 2 – 2 EVERY claim that is made as part of your post needs to be sourced. If you are asking a question, give a brief summary of what led to your question, and provide sources for those elements. If you are giving an explanation of how your content relates to Pizzagate (satisfying Rule 1), and you need to connect a few dots to do so, please provide sources for your “dots”. If you wish to ask general questions about Pizzagate, please do so here.

FYI people who are commenting, I’m not going to waste my time replying to your accusations that I am a shill of some sort. I am simply going to post this to my blog and share the link on this forum. You can comment on that or on my blog. Have a nice day.

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You just stirred a memory. Last year while watching the news they had the last surviving lilliputian on. At the end of the interview he/she (I can’t remember) said that they played tricks on Judy Garland (at the time a teen) and would put their hands under her skirt while they were all dancing and twirling around and she would never know who it was evidently. I thought that was really pretty nasty. After it was over, he said something about abusing her. I was really surprised. I think that was just the impression of the news caster. I was glad he put it that way. Someone else might have just laughed it off or ignored it.

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The owner is wearing a giant mask for a head and it is a guy with his mouth whistling and his cheeks puffed up and he looks like he is giving a blow job.

I think you are stretching it calling those things ‘references to child porn’. There are dozens of other provocative things in south park which could be used for your argument, there is even an episode that ends with cartman jerking off while taking a dump on the toilet while he imagines a cupid version of himself is sodomizing him, even then I still wouldn’t go as far to say its ‘references to child porn’ or related to ‘normalization of child porn’. They have been touching on taboo things for over a decade and get threatened with lawsuits.

They even have an episode exposing scientology as a child molesting mind control cult.

Could it be controlled opposition? Sure, it is the realm of hollywood so anything is possible, but I am skeptical based on your example.

Emerald City sounds jucier at first glance, can you provide some clips as references?

And where are you getting this part from?

Lilith gives birth to 1000 babies a day allegedly and she is Satan’s girlfriend and she is the mother of The Baphomet. Lilith is the demon who demands genital mutilation of babies or else she will kill them. She is also the original wife of Adam, who refused to be submissive to him which is why she and Satan get along well. Lilith is one of the most evil characters ever and she is synonymous with all of the Pagan goddesses. Ishtar / Semiramis / Isis / Astarte / Ostara.)

Are you basing that off Emerald City or legends of lilith like Because it seems like this is propaganda, I mean come on “refused to be submissive” which is why “she and Satan get along well”.

It sounds very misogynistic…

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Please PM me about Scientology

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The episode Return of Chef involves Chef being taken by a cult, being brain washed, and he returns back to south park only talking about molesting children.

The controversy is related to Issac Hayes, voice of Chef, who is a scientologist and supposedly left the show because of their criticism of scientology and its members like Tom Cruise.

South Park created Return Of Chef using clips of his voice since he had already left the show.

They make reference to scientology as the “super adventure club” which goes around the world molesting children and they mention its because they believe they absorb a childs energy/mantra from it. The founder of the club they mention is a satire of L Ron Hubbard.

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Much has been written about Lilith who is the mother of Baphomet. Here’s one link about her. There are many many others. I’m not sure where I read about the 1000 babies a day – meeting in 3 minutes, so I’ll respond later.

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Watch out everyone, you don’t want to get brainwashed by South Park. Now, what would be there ultimate goal with these innuendos????? Do you actually think it could change sometimes ones mind into sympathizing with Pizzagate behavior. Cake of flighty light, I am truly convinced that you have a sick and perverted mind. First it was seeing a perfectly innocent girl posing on the cover of NatGeo as being sexually inviting, now you think Whistling Willy cheeks are all puffed up like he’s giving a blowjob, what! They are puffed up BC he’s fucking whistling! Only a sexually dimented mind would infer that, either that or you are just the fun police, trying to add a hidden underlying negative meaning to EVERYTHING!

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Are you serious right now? Nothing you said about South Park would qualify as predictive programming, or even as being “weird.” I would be kinder if I didn’t expect that you are being paid to come on here and make non-sense posts. A guy with a pyramid hat.. really? Try harder next time. If you are being serious. shift your attention to things that actually matter and are important.

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Thank you, she has a long history of these shit posts to the point of being suspicious.

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It wouldn’t surprise me. A tactic of theirs may be to get pizzagate believers to start mindlessly searching for illumanati signals on television. Not only would that distract anyone who fell for it, but the group itself could be labeled negatively for supporting such behavior. I’m not saying those things don’t exist, but they are irrelevant to this group and the examples given in the OP are so staggeringly insignificant, I can’t help but think it’s Sponsored Content.

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