NSFWork NOT SAFE FOR LIFE: Another Deleted Post on Voat – Heavy Breathing video – proof that Comet Ping Pong’s favorite band, Heavy Breathing, is Satanic

Warning, the following post contains extremely graphic writings from Urban Dictionary referencing what will proabably make you want to vomit, so don’t read this unless you really want to know the disgusting things that Satanists do to prostitutes / children.


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It sounds like someone fucking as well..disgusting. It symbolizes what is going on backstage at the time of the performance.

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I totally agree. It is symbolic as to what is going on back stage and the skipping – John Skippy Podesta and that horrific video that has been allegedly connected to Comet, John Podesta and Heavy Breathing playing on stage. It matches up perfectly. I am surprised no one else made the connection to be honest. They are always talking and acting in riddles but this one was just too easy. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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Observation – at 1:38 when he is talking about cocaine, he starts to use this hands to express himself. THESE ARE NOT FEMALE HANDS. I am sure this mask is worn by a female sometimes, but not always. Can someone compare these hands to James’?

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“You can experience satan in this room”

Yeah, we are sure many innocents have. That’s why we are trying to get an investigation but no authorities seem interested.

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Just a thought “Satan is down there” “We don’t want to go there yet…” ‘first, do PCP’ Based on the Fatherhood video, maybe they were alluding to Skippy? He does have that “14 Fish” pic, Do you think he thinks he is the Sun God Osiris? It’s an antichrist symbol.

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That does bring up the question of the basement again. From the alley, it looks like every business on the block has a basement except Comet. Bucks is also James’, and has a basement. Is it possible that the basement extends underneath comet too, and that it’s easy to get between the businesses and the basements – and ultimately the undeground tunnel system?

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He then says “we can experience the joy of satan here first without….”

I think Podesta is a fucked up guy who is possessed. I hadn’t thought about who he thinks himself to be (or to be channeling). It’s possible.

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Many have surmised that there is nothing unseemly going on at Comet, besides innocent punk bands, because it’s too out in the open. No one would be that stupid.

I’ve never closed the door on the idea that these people know they can get away with anything, and some of them enjoy do so out in the open.

It strikes me now that in fact, Comet may have been the site for actual child abuse of some sort, and the bands were there partially to COVER THE SOUNDS. We have the video taken from across the street of Comet that picked up sounds of a child screaming out for help. Taken together, and coupled with the fact the the DC police are dirty liars and the cheif is friends with James, it doesn’t seem so unlikely that Comet was not just a place for pedos to gather and watch children, but that, basement or no, actual abuse did take place there.

Streisand Effect should be our friend. What have been told, and even threatened over, to not cover?

  • James Alefantis
  • Comet pizza and the block
  • Pegasus

And more, like the recent Steemit about PG wiki getting attacked over the Silsby/Macoby/Alefantis connections.

Thank you for continuing to hone in on the very areas we are told to stay away from, and not being satisfied by low level busts or those from years ago by people outside the U.S.

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Maybe they like Jump Rope for Heart. Or bouncers. Or weird random crap that’s self indulgent. Or maybe jump rope is supposed to mean the following, @allornothing:

TOP DEFINITION jump rope another way of saying “take drugs” “hey, hey, wanna go jump some rope…?” by Kevin (gawanagan) Lam May 19, 2005

2 jump rope **this isn’t your traditional elementary school recess toy. this shit is real. to successfully execute the “jump rope”, one must master the element of surprise…it is then and only then that the jump rope can be accomplished.

first, you will need a chick in your bedroom completely unclothed and ready to be pounded. it is at this point that the male subject must surreptitiously creep behind the unsuspecting female, turn sideways, and proceed to insert only his thumbs in the female’s vagina and anus, respectively. no further effort is necessary on the part of the male, as the speared female will jump up and down until she is able to escape from the human jump rope that has been created. Nate: “dude i’m pretty nervous about taking it to the next level with Emma. got any tips?”

Drew: “honestly..you have to go big or go home. it’s 2011 and you can’t just rock it missionary anymore and expect a chick to be satisfied. you should seriously consider giving her a jump rope…i know it may sound odd at first, but chicks completely dig it…”

thumbing#two thumbs up#sexican jumping bean#nintento v#poop pedestal**

by me@tspin** **February 19, 2011


“Sexican Jumping Bean”? “Poop Pedestal”?

3 definitions by me@tspin

king crab blumpkin **the king crab blumpkin is prefaced by eating an excessive amount of spicy japanese food so as to make your blumpkin shit as liquid and rancid as possible. **

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joe: hey man, how was your date with cheryl?

mike: pretty good. she wanted to spend a quiet night alone so we watched 50 first dates and i took her out to a real nice sushi place. thought i’d add a little spice to the night so i king crab blumpkin’d her.

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scavenger dump the act of leaving a few hints of feces in plain sight en route to a hot and steamy prize some distance from the original “clues”. the scavenger dump is best executed in the homes of others or in public domains…unless, of course, you enjoy cleaning up your own shit, in which case, feel free to scavenger dump in the comfort of your own home.

note: the scavenger dump is not to be confused with an AFR (accidental fecal release), commonly known as the shart. the scavenger dump is purely intentional and malicious in nature. i was in the library the other day and i left those bookworms a scavenger dump from the british lit section into the rare books collection…talk about a Shakespearian tragedy for whoever has to clean that up!

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by me@tspin October 13, 2010

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Check out at about 0:14 and later.

At a distance, the “professor” reminds me of Pedosta.

HB U the One I WantYouTube

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All skinny, slumped over, and a tan face – this looks very much like it’s meant to be Podesta. And the parents’ glowing eyes probably symbolize mind control. Which is what this video is for. This is certainly not music.