Ice Cream Shop with CREEPY Commercials

Update: I just saw this video. The owner of Little Baby’s Ice Cream was in a band called Satanized and they promote blood drinking. He also promotes a band called Child Abuse (9:24 in this video). A million coincidences, right?

The band Child Abuse has a tour called “The Lovely Little Girls Tour”


Google interactive link to an interior view of the shop:,-75.1282178,3a,75y,127.22h,79t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sYa7FA7EyjFAAAAQqo7u3sA!2e0!3e2!7i13312!8i6656

LOOK DOWN, LOOK UP, LOOK LEFT, RIGHT, ZOOM IN! “Eat Me” on the ATM. Look at the underground pizza on display.

“When you eat little babies (ice cream)… this is a special time
“Check out our new package”
“Ice cream is a feeling” Creepy reference.

Hmmm, so this shop has a little kid sized shower right in the front??

From a Facebook Source: “Little Baby’s ice cream is located in Pennsylvania. The pizza shop is called Pizza Brain. If you look at the pizza shops menu online you’ll see that all of the pizza’s on the menu are actual names of people. Which I found to be more than a little disturbing after all the pizzagate info started coming out. Their claim to fame is that they have the Guinness book of world records title for most “pizza related” memorabilia. Also, little baby’s recently opened up a little shop in the DC area. But apparently it is only open one day a week (Sunday).”

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