Circumstantial Evidence is Still Evidence

One of the most frustrating things for me is to watch as droves of people seem to be closing their eyes to this scandal. Even people I know who are actual lawyers are calling the Pizzagate Wikileaks revelations “fake news.” And trolls online are constantly saying things like, “that’s just circumstantial evidence, what real evidence do you have?” (Note: circumstantial evidence is admissible in court.)

So this is not Unsolved Mysteries – We Need the Crime to Happen on Video Camera – Edition. This is an investigation that the people of the world have taken on because the Obama administration is instructing the media and the DOJ, FBI, everyone to call this fake, despite the fact that it is now uncovered. James Comey is not a hero, he’s an obvious shill for Clinton. Nothing the FBI has done so far, aside from the fact that many of its people are likely responsible for leaks to Wikileaks, is really making a difference here.

Very likely this does involve elements of our government such as the CIA and the mind control programs that are taking place similar to that of MK Ultra. The fact that nobody can deny this exists now that we have actual evidence of it going on is the hard part for the trolls. Yeah, so I didn’t personally watch “James Alefantis” murder anyone. But it’s obvious that children are being trafficked and there are MOUNTAINS of evidence against people involved in this from Hillary Clinton, to the Podestas, Alefantis, Laura Silsby, and so on.

Here is a story about a man recently convicted of aggravated kidnapping of a woman whom everyone presumes to be dead. He wasn’t convicted of her murder because there is no body, but the evidence (both direct, and circumstantial) was enough to put him away for a very, very long time. Much longer than most pedophiles go away. We need to fix the problem with pedos being loose on the streets. They should never be eligible for parole or probation in my opinion. I think many agree with me.

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