Illuminati / Occult Predictive Programming References in TV shows – Emerald City and Southpark (post deleted from Voat by Millenial Falcon)


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This post was deleted for rule 2 – 2 EVERY claim that is made as part of your post needs to be sourced. If you are asking a question, give a brief summary of what led to your question, and provide sources for those elements. If you are giving an explanation of how your content relates to Pizzagate (satisfying Rule 1), and you need to connect a few dots to do so, please provide sources for your “dots”. If you wish to ask general questions about Pizzagate, please do so here.

FYI people who are commenting, I’m not going to waste my time replying to your accusations that I am a shill of some sort. I am simply going to post this to my blog and share the link on this forum. You can comment on that or on my blog. Have a nice day.

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You just stirred a memory. Last year while watching the news they had the last surviving lilliputian on. At the end of the interview he/she (I can’t remember) said that they played tricks on Judy Garland (at the time a teen) and would put their hands under her skirt while they were all dancing and twirling around and she would never know who it was evidently. I thought that was really pretty nasty. After it was over, he said something about abusing her. I was really surprised. I think that was just the impression of the news caster. I was glad he put it that way. Someone else might have just laughed it off or ignored it.

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The owner is wearing a giant mask for a head and it is a guy with his mouth whistling and his cheeks puffed up and he looks like he is giving a blow job.

I think you are stretching it calling those things ‘references to child porn’. There are dozens of other provocative things in south park which could be used for your argument, there is even an episode that ends with cartman jerking off while taking a dump on the toilet while he imagines a cupid version of himself is sodomizing him, even then I still wouldn’t go as far to say its ‘references to child porn’ or related to ‘normalization of child porn’. They have been touching on taboo things for over a decade and get threatened with lawsuits.

They even have an episode exposing scientology as a child molesting mind control cult.

Could it be controlled opposition? Sure, it is the realm of hollywood so anything is possible, but I am skeptical based on your example.

Emerald City sounds jucier at first glance, can you provide some clips as references?

And where are you getting this part from?

Lilith gives birth to 1000 babies a day allegedly and she is Satan’s girlfriend and she is the mother of The Baphomet. Lilith is the demon who demands genital mutilation of babies or else she will kill them. She is also the original wife of Adam, who refused to be submissive to him which is why she and Satan get along well. Lilith is one of the most evil characters ever and she is synonymous with all of the Pagan goddesses. Ishtar / Semiramis / Isis / Astarte / Ostara.)

Are you basing that off Emerald City or legends of lilith like Because it seems like this is propaganda, I mean come on “refused to be submissive” which is why “she and Satan get along well”.

It sounds very misogynistic…

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Please PM me about Scientology

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The episode Return of Chef involves Chef being taken by a cult, being brain washed, and he returns back to south park only talking about molesting children.

The controversy is related to Issac Hayes, voice of Chef, who is a scientologist and supposedly left the show because of their criticism of scientology and its members like Tom Cruise.

South Park created Return Of Chef using clips of his voice since he had already left the show.

They make reference to scientology as the “super adventure club” which goes around the world molesting children and they mention its because they believe they absorb a childs energy/mantra from it. The founder of the club they mention is a satire of L Ron Hubbard.

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Much has been written about Lilith who is the mother of Baphomet. Here’s one link about her. There are many many others. I’m not sure where I read about the 1000 babies a day – meeting in 3 minutes, so I’ll respond later.

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Watch out everyone, you don’t want to get brainwashed by South Park. Now, what would be there ultimate goal with these innuendos????? Do you actually think it could change sometimes ones mind into sympathizing with Pizzagate behavior. Cake of flighty light, I am truly convinced that you have a sick and perverted mind. First it was seeing a perfectly innocent girl posing on the cover of NatGeo as being sexually inviting, now you think Whistling Willy cheeks are all puffed up like he’s giving a blowjob, what! They are puffed up BC he’s fucking whistling! Only a sexually dimented mind would infer that, either that or you are just the fun police, trying to add a hidden underlying negative meaning to EVERYTHING!

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Are you serious right now? Nothing you said about South Park would qualify as predictive programming, or even as being “weird.” I would be kinder if I didn’t expect that you are being paid to come on here and make non-sense posts. A guy with a pyramid hat.. really? Try harder next time. If you are being serious. shift your attention to things that actually matter and are important.

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Thank you, she has a long history of these shit posts to the point of being suspicious.

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It wouldn’t surprise me. A tactic of theirs may be to get pizzagate believers to start mindlessly searching for illumanati signals on television. Not only would that distract anyone who fell for it, but the group itself could be labeled negatively for supporting such behavior. I’m not saying those things don’t exist, but they are irrelevant to this group and the examples given in the OP are so staggeringly insignificant, I can’t help but think it’s Sponsored Content.

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Fatherhood video of John Podesta Must Be For Real – How do I know? Troll army tactic: posting links to child porn, intimidation


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Child kidnap: Is government fabricating mental health records of new mothers to justify removal of children? British MP Tim “This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from mothers” (pizzagate) submitted by Benkitchen105

Child kidnap: Is government fabricating mental health records of new mothers to justify removal of children? British MP Tim “This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from mothers” (pizzagate)

submitted 12 hours ago by Benkitchen105

Is the government preying on the mental health of vulnerable new mothers to justify the removal of the child into care? British MP Tim Yeo says “This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from their mothers”.

British MP concerns on government social services effectively child kidnapping, see link

Social workers who forced a couple to give up their 11-week-old baby for adoption have been accused of ‘child kidnap’ by an MP. Staff waited until the girl’s father was out before launching a raid with police at the family home to ‘snatch the baby from the arms of her mother’. Tory MP Tim Yeo used Parliamentary privilege to make the allegations in the Commons, saying Suffolk County Council had declared the couple to be unfit parents despite having no evidence of physical or emotional abuse.

Potential Disney involvement harvesting mental health data? Disney have access to sensitive information that could be used against parents.

Bounty, a private promotions company formally owned by Kaboose and bought out by Disney, pays £2.3 million to hospitals across the UK. In return, its sales reps are allowed immediate access to maternity wards within a few hours of childbirth, to distribute promotional baby bags full of samples and discount vouchers.

Bounty also record personal details of the mom and child including taking several photographs of the child. After harvesting the personal details of new mothers, which importantly include details of any mental health issues such as post natal depression and anxiety, Bounty then sells them onto interested commercial partners and third parties.

Who are these third parties? Could this information file shared by government agencies, such as social services who have been alleged to provide babies for the elite to order, as alleged by Carol Woods? See whistleblower Carol Woods on falsifying reports against suspected vulnerable parents to ensure babies are taken into social care.

Any excuse for removal?

Depression two years prior, baby taken into social care

NHS hospital staff raise concerns over parents discussing the benefits of formula milk: One week old baby taken into social care

NSFWork NOT SAFE FOR LIFE: Another Deleted Post on Voat – Heavy Breathing video – proof that Comet Ping Pong’s favorite band, Heavy Breathing, is Satanic

Warning, the following post contains extremely graphic writings from Urban Dictionary referencing what will proabably make you want to vomit, so don’t read this unless you really want to know the disgusting things that Satanists do to prostitutes / children.


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It sounds like someone fucking as well..disgusting. It symbolizes what is going on backstage at the time of the performance.

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I totally agree. It is symbolic as to what is going on back stage and the skipping – John Skippy Podesta and that horrific video that has been allegedly connected to Comet, John Podesta and Heavy Breathing playing on stage. It matches up perfectly. I am surprised no one else made the connection to be honest. They are always talking and acting in riddles but this one was just too easy. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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Observation – at 1:38 when he is talking about cocaine, he starts to use this hands to express himself. THESE ARE NOT FEMALE HANDS. I am sure this mask is worn by a female sometimes, but not always. Can someone compare these hands to James’?

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“You can experience satan in this room”

Yeah, we are sure many innocents have. That’s why we are trying to get an investigation but no authorities seem interested.

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Just a thought “Satan is down there” “We don’t want to go there yet…” ‘first, do PCP’ Based on the Fatherhood video, maybe they were alluding to Skippy? He does have that “14 Fish” pic, Do you think he thinks he is the Sun God Osiris? It’s an antichrist symbol.

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That does bring up the question of the basement again. From the alley, it looks like every business on the block has a basement except Comet. Bucks is also James’, and has a basement. Is it possible that the basement extends underneath comet too, and that it’s easy to get between the businesses and the basements – and ultimately the undeground tunnel system?

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He then says “we can experience the joy of satan here first without….”

I think Podesta is a fucked up guy who is possessed. I hadn’t thought about who he thinks himself to be (or to be channeling). It’s possible.

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Many have surmised that there is nothing unseemly going on at Comet, besides innocent punk bands, because it’s too out in the open. No one would be that stupid.

I’ve never closed the door on the idea that these people know they can get away with anything, and some of them enjoy do so out in the open.

It strikes me now that in fact, Comet may have been the site for actual child abuse of some sort, and the bands were there partially to COVER THE SOUNDS. We have the video taken from across the street of Comet that picked up sounds of a child screaming out for help. Taken together, and coupled with the fact the the DC police are dirty liars and the cheif is friends with James, it doesn’t seem so unlikely that Comet was not just a place for pedos to gather and watch children, but that, basement or no, actual abuse did take place there.

Streisand Effect should be our friend. What have been told, and even threatened over, to not cover?

  • James Alefantis
  • Comet pizza and the block
  • Pegasus

And more, like the recent Steemit about PG wiki getting attacked over the Silsby/Macoby/Alefantis connections.

Thank you for continuing to hone in on the very areas we are told to stay away from, and not being satisfied by low level busts or those from years ago by people outside the U.S.

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Maybe they like Jump Rope for Heart. Or bouncers. Or weird random crap that’s self indulgent. Or maybe jump rope is supposed to mean the following, @allornothing:

TOP DEFINITION jump rope another way of saying “take drugs” “hey, hey, wanna go jump some rope…?” by Kevin (gawanagan) Lam May 19, 2005

2 jump rope **this isn’t your traditional elementary school recess toy. this shit is real. to successfully execute the “jump rope”, one must master the element of surprise…it is then and only then that the jump rope can be accomplished.

first, you will need a chick in your bedroom completely unclothed and ready to be pounded. it is at this point that the male subject must surreptitiously creep behind the unsuspecting female, turn sideways, and proceed to insert only his thumbs in the female’s vagina and anus, respectively. no further effort is necessary on the part of the male, as the speared female will jump up and down until she is able to escape from the human jump rope that has been created. Nate: “dude i’m pretty nervous about taking it to the next level with Emma. got any tips?”

Drew: “ have to go big or go home. it’s 2011 and you can’t just rock it missionary anymore and expect a chick to be satisfied. you should seriously consider giving her a jump rope…i know it may sound odd at first, but chicks completely dig it…”

thumbing#two thumbs up#sexican jumping bean#nintento v#poop pedestal**

by me@tspin** **February 19, 2011

“Sexican Jumping Bean”? “Poop Pedestal”?

3 definitions by me@tspin

king crab blumpkin **the king crab blumpkin is prefaced by eating an excessive amount of spicy japanese food so as to make your blumpkin shit as liquid and rancid as possible. **

the kind crab blumpkin begins by picking the crabs out of your pubes while receiving blumpkin and strategically placing said crabs (pubic lice for you retards) throughout the hair of the female slobbing your knob. just as you’re about to shoot your load, wait until the aforementioned whore is in a downward bob, slide sideways off the toilet and forcefully slam her face into the asian frying oil you’ve been brewing in the toilet. ejaculate on the shocked, fried dumpling whore.

joe: hey man, how was your date with cheryl?

mike: pretty good. she wanted to spend a quiet night alone so we watched 50 first dates and i took her out to a real nice sushi place. thought i’d add a little spice to the night so i king crab blumpkin’d her.

blumpkin #veggie blumpkin #shirt temp-whora #spicy crunchy blumpkin roll #miso poop

by me@tspin February 26, 2009 384 T-shirt icon The Urban Dictionary T-Shirt

Soft and offensive. Just like you.

scavenger dump the act of leaving a few hints of feces in plain sight en route to a hot and steamy prize some distance from the original “clues”. the scavenger dump is best executed in the homes of others or in public domains…unless, of course, you enjoy cleaning up your own shit, in which case, feel free to scavenger dump in the comfort of your own home.

note: the scavenger dump is not to be confused with an AFR (accidental fecal release), commonly known as the shart. the scavenger dump is purely intentional and malicious in nature. i was in the library the other day and i left those bookworms a scavenger dump from the british lit section into the rare books collection…talk about a Shakespearian tragedy for whoever has to clean that up!

peek-a-poo #guess poo? #poo radley #the secret world of poop #national treasure

by me@tspin October 13, 2010

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Check out at about 0:14 and later.

At a distance, the “professor” reminds me of Pedosta.

HB U the One I WantYouTube

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All skinny, slumped over, and a tan face – this looks very much like it’s meant to be Podesta. And the parents’ glowing eyes probably symbolize mind control. Which is what this video is for. This is certainly not music.

Deleted post – Mod Vindicator says writing letters needs an internet link.


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@cakeoflightylight: you’ve been here long enough to understand the submission guidelines for v/pizzagate. Please repost this unsourced discussion post to v/pizzagatewhatever, or add links and make it a research post. I am surprised to see you piling on during the forum-sliding attack, I really am. 😦

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I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I don’t regulate my posts according to what a shill is currently doing. There’s no way to link an idea for taking action. I only have a law degree and life experience to reference.

[–] Vindicator [M] 0 points (+0|-0) 14 hours ago

But you DO know that v/pizzagate posts have to include links to support. And you DO know that the reason we have these rules is so that we can remove real shitposts that have no support. You could easily have added links to things such as an article on how to make a FOIA request, when a FOIA request has to be complied with and when it doesn’t, etc. Instead, on a day when we have literally dozens of shills posting crap designed to discourage people, slide real news off the board, and disrupt the community, you make a post that gives a fat middle finger to the submission guidelines and spends the first half enumerating all the ways justice will never be served. I am seriously questioning what side of this you are actually on.

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“Instead, on a day when we have literally dozens of shills posting crap designed to discourage people, slide real news off the board, and disrupt the community, you make a post that gives a fat middle finger to the submission guidelines and spends the first half enumerating all the ways justice will never be served. I am seriously questioning what side of this you are actually on.”

Again, you deleted my post within 5 minutes. I’m not sorry that I assumed that a well outlined plan for action wasn’t a “shit post.” But insulting me and “questioning” what side I am on is ironic considering all of the things you guys delete all the time that are relevant and well-supported. Posting links to an internet article allows a post to stay up. That’s fine. I will be reposting my original post in pizzagate with about 10 links and if you have a problem with my post after that, I guess I will have to seek further feedback on how to comply with your rule. Dr. is ok but my JD and 12 years of activism experience are not ok. Got it.

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Cakeoflightylight, you do understand that ignoring the submission guidelines the community developed to enable mods to remove posts from trolls and shills to keep the board functioning is disrespectful to the users of v/pizzagate, right?

You’ve been here a long time, yet you disregard the guidelines and then get bent out of shape when your post is removed in a fair and consistent manner, along with dozens of others. Yes, we delete relevant posts; no, we do not delete relevant, well-supported posts that satisfy the submission guidelines. I challenge you to show me one. If you see it happening, you can complain to v/ProtectVoat and bring down the wrath of Voat on whomever did it.

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 45 minutes ago If I provide this link will you delete my post again?

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I don’t seek out censorship so, no.

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 2.3 hours ago

“And you DO know that the reason we have these rules is so that we can remove real shitposts that have no support”

Are you suggesting that my suggestions to people to become involved or to volunteer are “real shitposts” that “have no support?”

[–] Vindicator [M] 0 points (+0|-0) 1.4 hours ago

No — the exact opposite. Which is why I have spent time trying to communicate with you about what is going on, how the rules work, and why we have them.

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I posted it in Pizzagate whatever. I might have tried to comply with your rules and add some link explaining what a FOIA request is or how to write one, except that you deleted it too quickly (like within about 5 minutes). In my experience, writing a FOIA request is somewhat complex and requires certain wording that I wouldn’t recommend people attempt. If they want to do it on their own that is cool, but my idea was to see who wanted to participate so it could become organized. My idea was for these rolling FOIA requests but once those are made the information would need to be used. You don’t make a FOIA request like this for no reason whatsoever. You do it as phase one in an effort at citizen oversight. Depending upon the responses to the requests, action can be taken in step two.

It seems like you deleted this so nobody would see it or think about it more so than because you were concerned that it wasn’t well researched or supported.

[–] Vindicator [M] 0 points (+0|-0) 1.3 hours ago

I guess I’m confused — if you wouldn’t recommend people attempt to write a FOIA request, why are you making a post suggesting that is what needs to happen?

It seems like you deleted this so nobody would see it or think about it more so than because you were concerned that it wasn’t well researched or supported.

You are welcome to examine my comment history and judge whether you think I’m here to censor and suppress. Your impression, however, is not based on facts. Why? Because everyone can still see your post — all they have to do is go into the Removed Submissions area linked at the bottom of the sidebar. I did not remove it because I thought it wasn’t well researched or supported — I have no opinion on that, because you didn’t provide any research to support it. I removed it because as written it is an unsourced discussion post which is in the wrong subverse.

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 58 minutes ago

If everyone sees it the same after it’s removed then why remove it????????????? (sarcasm)

[–] cakeoflightylight [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 59 minutes ago

I don’t recommend they do one on their own because I planned on writing a sample one first.

Another deleted post by @wecanhelp:…

Another deleted post by @wecanhelp:
Antinous a part of the duo deity cult Osiris-Antinous, not only pederasty (pizzagate)
submitted 1.9 hours ago by [deleted]

Antinous From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Antinous (disambiguation).
Bust of Antinous from Patras, (National Archaeological Museum of Athens) Antinous (also Antinoüs or Antinoös; Ancient Greek: Ἀντίνοος; 27 November, c. 111 – before 30 October 130[1]) was a Bithynian Greek youth and a favourite, or lover, of the Roman emperor Hadrian.[2] He was deified after his death, being worshiped in both the Greek East and Latin West, sometimes as a god (theos) and sometimes merely as a hero (heros).[3]
Little is known of Antinous’ life, although it is known that he was born in Claudiopolis (present day Bolu, Turkey), in the Roman province of Bithynia. He likely was introduced to Hadrian in 123, before being taken to Italy for a higher education. He had become the favourite of Hadrian by 128, when he was taken on a tour of the Empire as part of Hadrian’s personal retinue. Antinous accompanied Hadrian during his attendance of the annual Eleusinian Mysteries in Athens, and was with him when he killed the Marousian lion in Libya. In October 130, as they were part of a flotilla going along the Nile, Antinous died amid mysterious circumstances. Various suggestions have been put forward for how he died, ranging from an accidental drowning to an intentional human sacrifice.
Following his death, Hadrian deified Antinous and founded an organised cult devoted to his worship that spread throughout the Empire. Hadrian founded the city of Antinopolis close to Antinous’s place of death, which became a cultic centre for the worship of Osiris-Antinous. Hadrian also founded games in commemoration of Antinous to take place in both Antinopolis and Athens, with Antinous becoming a symbol of Hadrian’s dreams of pan-Hellenism.
Trojan war connections? Is this possibly linked to the Olympics? (sorry I know that seems random)


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Rumours spread throughout the Empire that at Antinous’ cultic centre in Antinopolis, there were “sacred nights” characterised by drunken revelries, perhaps including sexual orgies.[81]
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Antinous was understood differently by his various worshippers, in part due to regional and cultural variation. In some inscriptions he is identified as a divine hero, in others as a god, and in others as both a divine hero and a god. Conversely, in many Egyptian inscriptions he is described as both a hero and a god, while in others he was seen as a full god, and in Egypt, he was often understood as a daemon.[54]Inscriptions indicate that Antinous was seen primarily as a benevolent deity, who could be turned to aid his worshippers.[55] He was also seen as a conqueror of death, with his name and image often being included in coffins.[56]>
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OriginLinkFromCurrentPost RelatedPostTitle MEME RED PILL – Why Does Alefantis Identify As Pedo If He’s Not? Where can I find the “pedophilic vocubulary” before pizzagate? “Can you tell me why Pizzagate is fake news?” Alefantis and Stavro (the owner of Maple Leaf Gardens during the Maple Leafs pedophile scandal) both lined to Order of AHEPA permalink save source reply report
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Another possibility is that Antinous represented a voluntary human sacrifice. Our earliest surviving evidence for this comes from the writings of Dio Cassius, 80 years after the event, although it would later be repeated in many subsequent sources. In the second century Roman Empire, a belief that the death of one could rejuvenate the health of another was widespread, and Hadrian had been ill for many years; in this scenario, Antinous could have sacrificed himself in the belief that Hadrian would have recovered. Alternately, in Egyptian tradition it was held that sacrifices of boys to the Nile, particularly at the time of the October Osiris festival, would ensure that the River would flood to its full capacity and thus fertilise the valley; this was made all the more urgent as the Nile’s floods had been insufficient for full agricultural production in both 129 and 130. In this situation, Hadrian might not have revealed the cause of Antinous’s death because he did not wish to appear either physically or politically weak. Conversely, opposing this possibility is the fact that Hadrian disliked human sacrifice and had strengthened laws against it in the Empire.[40]>
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Wasn’t there something mentioned a while back about a drowning in James Alefantis’s fraternity? I wonder if this was his secret Greek name.

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Archive of Subverse for Pizzagate